In Production All | Human Interest | Society WRONG TIME WRONG PLACE

Category All , Human Interest , Society
Year: 2012
Country: Netherlands
Running Time: 80'
Production: Cobos Films
Director: John Appel
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On 22 July 2011, a bomb attack in the centre of Oslo and a shooting spree on the island Utoya took the lives of 77 people. It was the senseless, brutal act of one man: Anders Breivik. WRONG TIME WRONG PLACE tells the story of 5 individuals who were present then and shows the role of coincidence in this tragedy. A sequence of small, trivial happenings marks the thin line between life and death. Two minutes earlier or later can be of decisive importance. WRONG TIME WRONG PLACE is a film about the bargain with fate. However much one tries to influence fate, in the end coincidence calls the shots.

Festivals & Awards

2013 Biografilm Festival, Italy

2013 DOK.fest Documentary Film Festival, Germany

2013 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, USA

2013 Belfast Film Festival, Northern Ireland

2013 Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece

2013 HotDocs Film Festival, Canada

2012 International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands

Press & Reviews

“…an essay on the insignificance of life and the role played by chance”
Ian Sandwell, SCREEN DAILY